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Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art

Photography Workshop

Presented by Ardy Arani

May 2010 / JUNE 2011, 2012  SESSIONS SOLD OUT

This hands-on workshop begins with mastering the operation of your camera, including "what do all those buttons do?"   We will go through all the menus and you'll learn to understand the effects of f-stops, shutter speed and ISO to control exposure. You will learn how to choose the proper resolution, different types of auto focus and choosing the correct color balance setting.

After you have mastered the camera functions we will move on to creating images and obtain your desired look and feel of your photographs.  We will work on composition, and will learn to choose the proper lens to achieve the effect desired. You will shoot both indoors and outdoors, learning to use natural light as well as flash.

·        essential camera functions and using your camera manually
·        aperture and depth of field
·        shutter speeds and controlling motion
·        exposure control - reading your meter and using exposure modes 
·        digital camera menu items including resolution, file types, ISO and more
·        how pros make better images!

Instructor:  Ardy Arani is an accomplished photographic artist whose work has been exhibited at the Palm Beach Photographic Center, Westall Gallery and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

For information about upcomming workshops, please contact:  Marietta Cobb Museum of Art

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Ardy Arani's art unveiled with IRL drivers at McDonald's near Kentucky Speedway
CLICK HERE to view video

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Ardy Arani's photographic art selected for juried exhibit at Synergy Fine Art Gallery, Roswell GA.  "The Prolific Pear Show", an exhibit of pear-themed art, opened at Synergy in March of 2010.  Three of Ardy's works were included in the exhibit.  To see more of Ardy's pears, visit:

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Atlanta Motor Speedway To Unveil Latest Edition of Original Artwork for the Wall of Champions

(Atlanta, GA)  When Atlanta Motor Speedway opened its lavish Club One in October of 2006, one of the features was a "Wall of Champions" which was designed to spotlight race winners with commemorative artwork created specifically for AMS.  Atlanta-based photoillustrative artist, Ardy Arani, was tapped by AMS President and General Manager, Ed Clark, to produce the first piece of art for Club One, and has created a unique image of every AMS winner since.  This weekend, AMS will unveil Arani's latest addition to the Wall of Champions to honor the victory by Kurt Busch in the Kobalt Tools 500 last March.

Ardy Arani creates the art for AMS in a massive scale to complement the interior and size of Club One, and this edition will be no different - the image of Kurt's #2 Miller Lite Dodge measures eight feet across!  

"Racing is bold, colorful and full of energy, and that is what I try to incorporate into these images," commented Ardy Arani about the latest edition to the Club's collection.  Speedway President and GM, Ed Clark, added: "When you stand there and look at an image this size, it is in your face and demands your attention ... just like a NASCAR Sprint Cup car on the banks of AMS.  When Ardy and I began planning the art for Club One, we knew it would have to be something dramatic, and his large format images really make an impact."

Kurt Busch, a three-time AMS winner, will be on hand to sign the art, and will also participate in a question-and-answer session in Atlanta Motor Speedway's Club One prior to the running of the Emory Healthcare 500 on Sunday, Sept. 5.  Busch will answer questions from fans as a select bonus only for Club One ticket holders.

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(March 2010)   "The Colors of India" released as a hardcover coffee table book.  Ardy Arani carefully selected images from the Rajasthan region of India, where he was also imbedded in a hindu wedding for several days with unlimited access to all the ceremonies.  Click on link to preview selected images.  Additional coverage of the Rajasthan region and the "Colors of india" are included:

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(July to September 2010)   Ardy Arani's large format "Dawn Flight" PhotoIllustration commemorating the Liberty Belle B-17, featured in Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art's tenth annual juried art exhibition.  Juried by Adrianna Del Collo at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the exhibition spotlighted original paintings, sculpture and photography which had never before been exhibited at the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art.  Arani's image measures almost seven feet across.  To view the Liberty Belle image, please visit:

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(December 2010)   The Shelby Cobra series released.  A collection of images spotlighting the most iconic American automobile ever created, Arani brings unusual composition and illustration-like qualities to these unique images.  Click here to view: