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vita brevis, ars eternus

Welcome to Championship Images, a visual arts gallery featuring Ardy Arani's unique photographic art and hand-crafted digital illustrations.

Arani is noted for creating dramatic images of people, places, objects and sport - in particular large format images for restaurants, offices, airports and other public spaces where the art on display plays a key role in setting a theme and creating a visually interesting environment.

From the moment he first picked up a 35mm Retina rangefinder camera as a kid, Ardy has been exploring the world through the lens of a camera.  He was developing film and printing his own images before he was a teenager, and over the years has traveled extensively to capture evocative images from locations around the world.  Today Arani works exclusively in a digital medium, both in capturing images, producing fine art prints and ‘painting' on digital canvas.

Ardy is noted for vibrant colors, dramatic perspective and bold composition.  His large-format panoramic art blends his original photography with handcrafted brushstroke techniques, ‘ala prima' style, resulting in some of the most dramatic, vibrant and unique images ever seen.  Arani's ‘DigiRealism®' style of handcrafting images from his original photography has been awarded a trademark by the US Patent and Trademark Office.  Arani has also been recognized by NASCAR and the Indy 500 as an Officially Licensed Photographic Artist.  His large-format handcrafted motorsports art is particularly prized by collectors, and is featured on display at major race tracks and in many drivers' personal collections.

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